Ryan Null

part coder

I write code, and not just any code, awesome code. Software that speaks to your soul and warms your heart. Seriously, it's like a rocket.

Feel free to look at the awesome source code. Judge me on whatever you find, unless it sucks, in which case, don't.

part human

Surprisingly, I'm not a human being. Contrary to what my many cohorts tell me, I have a fuzzy heart, a beard, and a wicked sense of humor.

I have pictures and whatnot of stuff I've done. Oh yeah, I also have a blog. Those are still cool right?

completely awesome

Seriously. I love technology. I love being on the front-line. And I love software.

This website is an informative mockery of me.
It's also a showcase of my mad skills.

Everything written is satirical in nature.
Except the thing about being awesome, that's 100% true.