Will Developers Really Adopt Windows 8 Phone?

By | August 3, 2012

Slashdot recently posted an article questioning the adoption of the Windows Phone 8 SDK.  This got me thinking.  What is really in the Windows Phone for developers?

Putting aside the obvious technical deficiencies that the latest OS from Microsoft may have, there may not be much in it for developers.  Microsoft has to overcome the negative opinion that some of the development world has of them.  Some of it earned, and some of it unfairly pinned on their back.  Until they do that, this phone will likely be a moot point and remain dead in the water since no-one will be developing for it.

So, if you ask me whether or not I will develop applications for it, I respond with a simple “I will if the phone becomes popular.”  Unfortunately, I fear this is what the rest of the community will do as well.  This will create a negative feedback loop that may kill the phone unless Microsoft finds some way to bring developers to the system.

However, I am one of the few who might still hold out hope fore the Windows Phone and plan on evaluating one for myself.

What will you be doing when the phone comes out?

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