Windows 8 Phone and Developers

By | December 23, 2013

Not too terribly long ago I wrote about how well will Developers adopt the Windows 8 Phone.  Well, I bashed it.  Now, I’m slightly ashamed of the fact that I did. Cause, well, I now own a Windows Phone 8.

So, after having it for 3 months, I must really admit, that these devices are severely underrated.  I have fewer issues with it than I did my Android, I have all of the same apps (now that Waze finally came out), and some of the apps from 3rd parties are better than what the companies themselves could produce.

Overall, I thought adoption rate for developers would be low.  It appears that whatever Microsoft is doing to bring developers onto their platform is working.  Cause I for one must applaud how much better Windows Phone 8 is that I thought it would be.

So, Microsoft. Please accept my apology.

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