The Home of the Entry Level Developer

So, I’ve hooked up with Arlo Carreon (@mexitek) and Erick Del Orbe (@derickito) on the (@dev1tv) podcast.  It’s a great resource for developers looking to up their game and move from a developer to a guru.  Be sure to check it out at and subscribe and listen!

Can you crack it?

The UK government in an attempt to hire some security specialists has posted a challenge openly on the net.  Can you crack the code? I tend to find mind twisters like this fun and interesting and a very interesting way to hire people. Let me know if you crack it.  Bonus points if you… Read More »

Why APIs suck!

APIs are the vain of all (maybe not all, but at least most) developer’s existence, mainly because they hate integrating with someone else when they could just do it on their own.  In my experience I have found this to be rather disheartening.  I however think I have found many of the root causes through… Read More »


As the title suggests, I post my thoughts, solutions, and ramblings here on the topic of development.  Sometimes I think I discover things that will change the way development is done, sometimes I just rant, sometimes I’ll post solutions/tutorials, and sometimes I just provide observations/discussions.  In the end this is my place on the web… Read More »